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Solar Oven Cookout and Picnic

Big Solar Cooker

3 pm for fun & learning,
5 pm to eat
Lone Tree Picnic Area, DeLaveaga Park, Santa Cruz


The Food Working Group of Transition Santa Cruz invites you to a Solar Oven Cookout and Picnic.

3-5pm  Share, Learn, Fun, Music, Games (bring a frisbee or ?)  Learn about solar ovens & cooking: tips and tricks; info on how to build your own solar DIY oven; solar storytelling; talk with experienced solar oven chefs; ovens in developing countries, more...

5pm Picnic, Potluck, Eat, Share.  Bring your own utensils. No alcohol permitted. Bring sun protection.

Solar oven folks can come as early as 9am to prepare and cook as needed to be ready by 5pm.

Solar cookers can reduce your carbon footprint, are great for emergencies and power outages, allow you to cook while camping or on the beach even if they don't allow wood or grill fires.

Those interested in purchasing a solar oven can contact Lydia at Greenspace 831-423-7200.

For more info Email

Map of DeLaveaga Park

Solar ovens and solar cookers

Here are a couple of recommended books with recipes you can use in a solar oven.   Click Here and Here.

Solar cooking ideas and inspiration

How to make a windshield shade solar cooker

Solar cooker designs and DIY plans

Find solar cooker recipes on the web. To find more, search on Google:  "solar cooker" recipes.

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