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Our mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for relocalization—the development of local self-reliance in food, energy, transportation, media, systems of care, economy and the arts—through a broadly inclusive community-building process.

Climate change and a declining energy supply present us with great challenge and great opportunity.  Our response taps the creative genius of the people of Santa Cruz, to facilitate an intentional transition to a resilient, equitable local economy and community. In contrast to dismal predictions of social dislocations due to declining fossil fuels, we can imagine our community quality of life actually improving—if we unite to plan and implement the transition.

We are guided by the following values that contribute to resilience, a community’s ability to adapt to stress and thrive:

  1. Relocalization: Developing local self-reliance in meeting human needs;
  2. Community regeneration: Reestablishing our local interdependence and reclaiming power over our lives in our neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces;
  3. Sustainability: Meeting our needs without degrading the ecosystem for future generations;
  4. Equity: Meeting the needs of all.